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  • Can I access the timetable online?
    Your timetable will be available to you on Moodle. You can also enquire at the Student Services desk where someone can assist you should you have any further questions.
  • Does my course have a choice of day and evening classes?
    Some of the courses have a choice. Other courses are only day classes as they are subject to different conditions.
  • Why do I have to attend Orientation?
    Attending orientation is a condition of application for studying in Australia. It will assist you in understanding some practical issues which are a requirement for all people engaged in the workforce in Australia; such as what to do in an emergency situation, restrictions, what is required of you as a student, where to get assistance. It is also beneficial for you socially. You are studying in a foreign country with little or no social networks, this gives you an opportunity to address that and meet your fellow colleagues. If an in-person Orietnation possible because of COVID-19 restrictions, it will be conducted online.
  • What is the LLN?
    The Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Test is a test that is a requirement of your “study in Australia”. The LLN is a legal requirement so that we may show that you are able to listen, read and write in English. It is kept on your file strictly for our use and will not be shared with unauthorized parties
  • What is a student card?
    The student card, which you can have made at the Student Services Desk during the day, has your student number on it. This number is needed whenever you need information or wish to access a service, such as paying fees, making an appointment with the director, applying for leave etc. The student card may give you a discount at some private businesses, like your gym, but not for public transport as this is already discounted.
  • How long does it take to get my certificate?
    It may take up to 4 weeks. After your course is completed, the teacher will do the marking. The results then have to be checked and entered onto your file. Once this process is completed, the Academics Administrator is able to issue your certificate. If you are due to return home, please email us stating your departure date and requesting an earlier certificate. This will assist us in trying our best to meet your deadlines.
  • Where can I see my results?
    Once you assessments have been marked by your trainer, you can check your results on Moodle. Alternatively, you can enquire at the Student Services desk.
  • What is a USI Number?
    You can find all of the relevant information on a Unique Student Identification (USI) number at this link.
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